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About Me

Hi I'm Rachel Pali. I am a holistic health coach and I work with pre-teens and teens who struggle with self-image, stress, and anxiety and want to feel confident and successful. I empower them to make positive changes through meaningful self-care, strong relationships, enjoyable exercise, and healthy eating. Together we will co-create a wellness plan that provides support and accountability.  

I am a mother of two teenage daughters, a middle school teacher, and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I began my teaching career in 2002 and have been in the classroom working with students since then. As a middle school teacher, I have seen the constant stress and anxiety my students cope with on a daily basis. I see students who are not sleeping at night, who worry about their image on social media, who struggle with time management, who are trying to fit in, and who are being bullied by peers. With so many pressures, it can be a struggle for some children.

As the years went by, I felt a bit helpless trying to help my students with all these issues and at the same time teach the curriculum.  As an Integrative Nutrition Health coach, I am excited to be able to work with individual children and help them feel happier and healthier. 

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